Teaching Beethoven to blackbirds

Just found a wonderful piece of art this week:

William Engelen, an artist from Berlin, started a new project in Bonn, Germany. He tries to teach Beethovens „Ode an die Freude“ to the blackbirds that live in Bonn. The blackbird (in German: „Amsel“) is a very talented singer and repeats melodies that it hears in public places (countersinging). William offers a downloadable ringtone for mobile phones on his website that plays Beethoven’s famous melody in a special form, sounds like a blackbird would probably sing it. He hopes that many people install this ringtone on their mobile phones in Bonn and that the blackbirds hear it quite often and learn to sing it. The project „happens“ during the summer 2007.

Listen to the „singing blackbird“ version of „Ode an die Freude“; simply click on http://www.diesetoene.de/