Preparing for openArchitecture 2005

openArchitecture 2005 is a conference on software architecture and model driven architecture. It takes place from November 15 to November 17 in Bonn, Germany. I am currently preparing an MDA session called „MDA in a jet stream“. It will be a live, interactive show in which the audience can issue requirements for a totally new software application that will be built before their very eyes, using MDA tools and technology.

The 3 hour show will be quite exciting, I am pretty sure. There will be two iterations with requirements, application design, implementation and test, separated by a break. Peter Friese from Lufthansa Systems and I will pair on stage, each one modeling, generating and implementing certain parts of the new application.
We’ll use AndroMDA as the code generator of choice, of course.
Come and enjoy! You’ll find more info at You can also register there, using the online form.